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February 10, 2023


I'm trying to run Pinnacle 21 on a mac (intel mac with OS Ventura 13.1) , but when. try to open the validator, the window has a message for loading engines and validators that never finished.

In the logs I see a message related to libiokit.dylib not found.


Any idea on how to solve it?



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January 26, 2023


As far as I know, you have already answered to P21 users that you limited number of published versions for better usability, since you thought that it's not an issue.

But this is an issue for us as users.

We are not supposed to check which versions are available in P21 community to create TS dataset, and avoid inconsistency between SDTM.TS, csdrg and P21report.

Sometimes, we have to use the latest availalbe version, sometimes we have to follow the Sponsor requirements ..

Is there a way to have all the version for UNII and MED-RT ? 

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January 25, 2023

Dear all,


I encoutered this error when I create and validate a Define using SENDIG 3.1.1 specification. 


Invalid Standard Version value <value> for <standard>Standard Version must have a valid value for the given Standard Name. Allowed values are '3.1.2', '3.1.3', '3.2', or '3.3' for SDTM-IG, '3.0' or '3.1' for SEND-IG, '1.0' for SEND-IG-AR, '1.0', '1.1', or '1.2' for ADaM-IG, and '1.0' for BIMO. Define-XML specification represents Standard Version as def:StandardVersion attribute on MetaDataVersion element.

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January 18, 2023

Dear team,


I downloaded CDISC define 2.1 package, here(Define-XML v2.1 | CDISC). Within P21 Community 4.0.1, I tried to convert defineV21-SDTM.xml to excel spec, and then convert the excel spec to define.xml 2.1 version again, the format in the converted xml file is incorrect. The comment section for VS.VSORRESU is repeated, could anyone help on this?

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January 16, 2023

We have received the following error recently with Pinnacle Community 3.1.2:

Error code 61 message:  Pinnacle 21 Community has expired due to an extended period with no internet connection.  Connect to the internet to continue using your application.


Due to our security rules it is impossible to open the flows necessary to connect to the site.  We have tried uninstalling and  removing all traces of Pinnacle and then re-installing Pinnacle, but we still receive the same error.

Any help you can provide would be most welcome 

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December 23, 2022

Hello, Pinnacle21 community,

P21 Community 4.0.1 fails to run from the command line giving this error in the log: 

CLI.3.17::Pinnacle 21 Community has expired due to an extended period with no internet connection. Connect to the internet to continue using your application.::Failed to process 

The GUI version runs fine.

The computer I am running it on is hidden behind a firewall and getting it to connect to the internet will be problematic. Is there a way to continue using Pinnacle21 CLI?


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November 11, 2022

Dear team,

In P21 Community 4.0.1 installation folder, the engine folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinnacle 21 Community\resources\app.asar.unpacked\components\lib\configs\2204.0", but in the interface, it's 2204.1 other than 2204.0, seems this discrepancy results to the CLI command cannot search the correct path for validation files.


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November 8, 2022

No matter how I reinstall the software, SEND CT only stays on 2022-06-24 for now.

It should automatically update after login in valid Pinnacle ID, right?

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November 2, 2022

We are getting an error when trying to validate using the CLI - log is attached.

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October 27, 2022

We are getting the following error on windows 11 machine, the exact same config works fine on Windows 10:

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