m Matthias


Dear Pinnacle Team,

Thanks for the useful tool. We are using the CLI functionality which is very comfortable. The issue is that the old version number 2.1.2 is still shown, although we are using Version 2.2.0. Can you please check this?

In addition I would remain you that the define.XML check cannot be submitted per CLI functionality. Is it possible to support the define.XML check per CLI?

Thank you,

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s Sergiy
on December 13, 2016

Hi Matthias, 

We introduced a new process for validation of define.xml file about a year ago. It works only in GUI. It is not and will not be supported by CLI. 

There are no changes in modules related to CLI compare to previous version. Therefore it still refers to  2.1.2

Kind Regards,


f Frank
on December 20, 2016

So no CLI moving forward means that the XML & dataset validation macros that we (i.e., Rho) wrote are stuck at OpenCDISC version 1.5.  These could be run stand-alone or from our define.XML/PDF-generating macros and were really helpful because they'd route output to study-specific directories (among other nice features).

I know that you implement new processes implemented for a reason, but backward-compatibility should be given some consideration in the redesign decision.  I appreciate P21's resource investment and contributions to the user community but gotta say ... lack of a CLI truly, truly sucks.

s Sergiy
on December 21, 2016

Hi Frank, 

Unfortunately, you cannot use OpenCDISC v1.5 today unless you have a time-machine to file your submission back to 2014.

Kind Regards, 


f Frank
on December 21, 2016

For God's sake, Sergiy, how can you be so snarky and then say "Kind Regards"?  Some of our clients still ask for version 1.5 output even though they know it's not current (maybe for comparison w/ draft deliverables ... I don't know the exact rationale). 

Seems like XML4Pharma has a better and more helpful attitude.

s Sergiy
on December 21, 2016


Sorry for "Kind Regards". This is a part of my standard signature added automatically.

I do evaluation of 100+ submissions per year. Based on my personal experience there is a very clear correlation between a utilization of outdated versions of OpenCDISC and low quality of study data and metadata. A reference to v1.5 in Reviewer's Guide is an immediate indicator of many potential problems in data package. Usually it's not only about outdated business rules, but also about overall bad work attitude or lack of experience/knowledge.

I believe that a use of v1.5 as any other outdated versions in production process is extremely dangerous for your clients and your company business.



k Kevin
on March 15, 2017


  Thank you for clarifying this.  I have two questions:

1) We have not been specifying a define.xml file when using the GUI, yet, a path is specified in the reports generated (Define.xml: C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\Pinnacle21\2.2.0).  Can we replicate this using the CLI (I omitted that option)?

2) We specified the same CDISC CT, but we had three differences: "RACE value not found in 'Race' non-extensible codelist".  This does not appear in the report created manually using the GUI 2.2.0.  It could be related to the issue above.  Is it possible to obtain the same results using the CLI and the GUI?

Java is beyond my programming ken, but if I can help facilitate any update to this very useful tool, then please let me know.

Thank you,


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