j Jinjin



j Jozef
on July 24, 2022

一个原因可能是您在第 8086 行中有一个空的“CheckValue”。但这需要给出另一条消息。 您还可以尝试删除标签之间的所有空格和换行符(因此整个“WhereClause”成为一行)并再次检查。

A reason might be that you have an empty "CheckValue" in line 8086. But that would then need to give another message.
You can also try to remove all blanks and linefeeds between the tags (so the whole "WhereClause" becoming one line) and check again.
Another reason may be that "def:WhereClauseDef" was not correctly ordered within "MetaDataVersion".

j Jinjin
on August 1, 2022


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