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I have two issues: The engine is not accepting my spec file to create a define.xml.

I used  the suggested blank template and filed it to generate a define.xml.

I use the define.xml  along with the xpt files to run the validator but I get an empty report. 

I don't know why the  datasets are not evaluated. there is not other message.



Forums: Troubleshooting and Problems

on July 6, 2021

Hello K,

Thank you for your questions!

For the issue with your spec file, we would need to know what error is being returned.
Could you please send us the application log file? It can be discovered from the Community app using Help - Show Log File.
You can send it as an attachment here or by email to community@pinnacle21.com
Please include the Excel spec you were trying to use too if it is possible. This will help us with the troubleshooting.

For the issue with the empty report, it usually happens if you run validation with empty or invalid datasets.
Please make sure that your files have supported XPT v5 format and contain records. If these datasets are valid, please send us the application log from this run too.




on July 7, 2021

The issue was invalid SAS CPORT format instead of XPORT.



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