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Trying to download the "SDTM Terminology 2020-12-18.odm.xml (6.9 MB)" file from the download page is not working 

Page I'm trying to download from is here:   https://www.pinnacle21.com/downloads/cdisc-terminology

Actual link is here:  https://www.pinnacle21.com/sites/default/files/downloads/terminology/SDTM/SDTM%20Terminology%202021-12-18.odm.xml

When I click it I get "Failed - No file" message.

The other files are downloading properly.   

Can you please help to get this file?

Thank you.


Larry Sleeper

Forums: Troubleshooting and Problems

on September 7, 2022

Hi Larry,


Can I ask which version you are on? As the page indicates, those terminologies are compatible with Community versions 2.1.3 and 2.2.0 only. They are not compatible with Community 3.0.0 or greater. If you are on our most recent release, v4.0.1, SDTM Terminology 2020-12-18.odm.xml can be found within the configs folder. The default path is C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Pinnacle 21 Community\configs\data\CDISC\SDTM\2020-12-18.


Kind regards,


j Jozef
on September 7, 2022

Dear Larry,

You should always be able to download CDISC controlled terminology from the official NCI/CDISC website, also for older versions:

I do not know however whether these file contents are exactly the same as what is made available by Pinnacle 21.
For example, the file size of the 2020-12-18 on the CDISC-NCI website is displayed as being 16M, whereas you say it is 6.9M.

I will test on a few examples, doing a "diff" to see whether the two websites deliver exactly the same file contents.

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