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I am somewhat new to creating a define document in XML.  In order to edit the document, I can open in it in Notepad, which removes the paragraph formatting.  Is there any other way to edit the document?  I would love to be able to makes changes to the file with the style sheet (since it looks like a regular Word document).  Is this possible?

The other question I was thinking about is how do you create a define document for analysis datasets?  From what I have seen in the one of the CDISC documents, there is an additional table required for Analysis Results Metadata (TLGs).  Are there any plans to create this in a define doc for analysis datasets?



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j Jozef
on July 1, 2010

You can edit the define.xml using any free or commercial XML editor.
This also allows you to do validation against the xml schema during editing.

A list of good editors was published some months ago by the "CDISC XML Tech Governance Team", and can be found at: http://www.cdisc.org/define-xml and look for "XML Schema Validation for define.xml white paper".

Making changes to the stylesheet however is already more difficult, especially for an XML starter: this is specialist work.


Jozef Aerts - XML4Pharma

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