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Hi Team,

As per the study design we have Maternal data captured for a study which is mapped to Associated persons domain i.e APDM ( Mother's also have the same USUBJID as of the babies). Can you please confirm which domain can we map the demographic details of the mothers in ADaM? As of now we have mapped to ADSL and created a flag as INFFL (for infants) and MOTHFL (for mothers) . However Pinncale is throwing error to say no duplicate USUBJID is allowed in ADSL and while cross validating with SDTM DM domain it is throwing errors to say ADSL.AGE != DM.AGE etc.


Thanks ,


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on November 25, 2019

Hi Pryanka, 

You can not have the same USUBJID for different persons even for those who are mothers and their babies.

I am not aware about ADaM guidance for AP data and ADaM validation rules from CDISC team.

ADSL means "Subject Level". Associated Persons are not study subjects. Therefore, they should not be included into ADSL dataset. Also, you should use APID instead of USUBJID variable for Associated Persons in your study. It's similar to DM and APDM.

Kind Regards, 


p Priyanka
on November 26, 2019

Thanks Serigy.. Will have a look and see what can be done to include the APDM data.

m Mahendran
on July 15, 2020

Hi Team,

As per our study, we need to have the analysis dataset for the Associated person and we have the respective SDTM dataset available eg, APDM, APAE, APCM etc.. Shall i make the (ADaM)analysis dataset name as ADAPDM, ADAPAE, ADAPCM respectively and provide the label for ADAPDM as "Associated Person's DM analysis", for ADAPAE as "Associated Person's AE Analysis".. Please he;lp.


Kr, Mahendran.

d Donghong
on September 16, 2022

Hi Mahendran,

I have a study similar to yours. How do you generate the analysis dataset for the associated person?



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