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When will SDTM-IG 3.4 and ADAM-IG 1.2/1.3 be available on Pinnacle Community?
If I am not mistaken, FDA supports ADAM-IG 1.2/1.3 since 07/18/2022.
Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

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on June 26, 2023

Hi Joran, 

P21 Community support for ADaM-IG 1.2 and 1.3 will be available in the next engine release within few weeks,

SDTM-IG 3.4 is not in FDA Data Standards Catalog yet.

Kind Regards,

j Joseph
on November 9, 2023

Any updates on the next engine release? It has been a few weeks since June 2023.

j Jeroen
on January 29, 2024

Dear Sergiy, 

Will P21 Community add support for ADaM-IG 1.2 and 1.3 soon? 

These standards are required by FDA as of 15 MAR 2024.

Kind regards,

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