t Thierry


Hi everybody,

Here is a new bug:

we have an ADaM define.xml that contains VLM such as:

[def:ValueListDef OID="vl.ADTTE.CNSR"]
  [ItemRef ItemOID="it.ADTTE.CNSR.wc.ADTTE.PARAMCD.in.PFS.RDUR" OrderNumber="1" Mandatory="No" MethodOID="mt.489"]
    [def:WhereClauseRef WhereClauseOID="wc.ADTTE.PARAMCD.in.PFS.RDUR"/]
  [ItemRef ItemOID="it.ADTTE.CNSR.wc.ADTTE.PARAMCD.not-in.PFS.RDUR" OrderNumber="2" Mandatory="No" MethodOID="mt.489"]
    [def:WhereClauseRef WhereClauseOID="wc.ADTTE.PARAMCD.not-in.PFS.RDUR"/]

(I replaced "<>" with "[]" to avoid conflict with HTML tags).

P21 engine 2304.1 mangles this into "CNSR.ADTTEI.PARAMCD.IN.PFSRDUR" and "CNSR.ADTTEI.PARAMCD.NOTIN.PFSRDUR", and issues the message "Invalid Data Type for --DTC/--DUR variable", because CNSR is declared as integer... (^_^)



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on August 9, 2023

Hi Thierry,


I believe this post is regarding P21 Enterprise. I will follow up with you via our Enterprise Support Portal with additional information.


Kind regards,


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