a Alex


The example below didn't work any more on CLI 1.0.6, is there any reason for this update?

Define.XML Example Validation

java -jar p21-client-1.0.6.jar
--engine.version="FDA 1903.1"


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on October 19, 2022

Hello Alex,


The reason the validation may be failing is due to the incompatible FDA 1903.1 engine parameter. If this is updated to FDA 2204.1 or FDA 2010.1, with real paths for --source.define and --report, are you able to validate successfully?


Please also refer to our documentation on engines https://www.pinnacle21.com/projects/validator/engine-compatibility 


Kind regards,


a Alex
on October 31, 2022

thank you Matt for your response, it seems the validation engine is a little bit messy in P21 community, in P21 interface, you can select "FDA (2204.1)" and SDTM-IG 3.3, but in CLI version, only FDA 2010.1 works, FDA 2204.1 doesn't work...

on November 2, 2022

Hi Alex,


I would check to make sure the engine is loaded in the configs folder at Documents\Pinnacle 21 Community\configs. If the folder 2204.1 is not listed, I recommend running a validation with the 2204.1 engine in app and refreshing the configs folder to see if it populates. I am able to run CLI validations with the 2204.1 after verifying the same.

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