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We have Pinnacle 21 Community (currently version 3.1.2) installed on a Windows server.

How do we set up to ensure that MedDRA dictionary versions are available for all users without them having to individually install every version and what is the recommended process when a new dictionary version is available?

I have tried changing the Configs and Terminology folder location under Preferences to point to the folder containing the dictionaries but this has no effect.  

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on September 20, 2021

Hello Andy,

Thank you for the question.

1. First, you would need to set some Configs folder where all future app users have read and write access.

2. Provide it in the Configs and Terminology path under the Preferences menu just for one user first.

3. Then you can install MedDRA using the in-app setup wizard. MedDRA installation steps are described here: 


Verify that new MedDRA dictionary is available for validation. 

4. Set the same Configs and Terminology path for any other user. The installed MedDRA version should become available for that user.

5. When a new dictionary version is available, you can run the installation from step 3 and other users will be able to access it.



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