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In previous posts you mentioned that you are working on a new p21c version with multi-user support and customizable installation paths. Do you have any update?

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on September 1, 2020

Hi Angelo, 

Customized installation path is available now. I am not sure about multi-user support. It may work if different users have the same installation path.

Kind Regards,

a Angelo
on September 3, 2020

Hi Sergiy,

do you mean there is a new version to download where we could change the installation folder? 

That was an issue so far. We work on shared Azure environment, and apparently our IT folks were not able to install p21c in folder that can be accessed by anyone. We don't of course want to install p21c in each user machine.

Of note this was working well with previous version of p21c e.g. before 3.x.



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