l Leonid


Trying to attract Pinnacle21's attention by posting again:

Pinnacle21 version is 4.0.2 (Community), fails to run validation from the command line giving the following message in the log:

CLI.3.17::Pinnacle 21 Community has expired due to an extended period with no internet connection. Connect to the internet to continue using your application.

The GUI version works fine. We need to run the validation on a computer that is intentionally hidden behind a firewall, so getting it connected to the internet is problematic. I tried reinstalling the validator, which had no effect. I am attaching the full log.

I hope this can be fixed so that we can continue using the command-line version of the validator.



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j Jozef
on November 25, 2023

Hi Leonid,
as you keep getting no answer from P21...
You can always contact me in order to help you clearing this problem.
My e-mail address is easy to find out.

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