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Question1: If we re-install (uninstall the older version and install the newer version), what will be the status of existing data which present related to P21 (older version), will it be reusable when the newer version of Pinnacle 21 is installed?

Question2: Also, if we do an auto-update to the newer pinnacle21, will it affect the existing data which present related to P21 (older version)

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on June 30, 2022

Hi Prakash, 

P21 validation is driven by specific version of Validation Engine (e.g., PMDA 1810.3), not by version of Application (e.g., 4.0.1).

We do not recommend use of outdated version of validation for upcoming submissions or ongoing studies. Auto-Update functionality is to ensure that users are up-to-date with regulatory agencies and utilize correct version of validation.

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