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Dear OpenCDISC expert,


      We have some question related to sourcecode contribution here.   We would like to know:

If we want to contribute souce code one day,

1. What kind procedure we should go through, is anywhere on your web side posted or download guide line.

2. What kind regulation OpenCDISC has setup need to be followed

3. Source code side, what kind modification need to adding/edit to easier the process for merging to the major trunk.


Thank you very much for assistance!

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t Tim
on July 25, 2011


The procedure for actively contributing to the source code isn't very well-documented right now, so we'll see what we can do about improving that.

For the time being, if you wish to submit bug fixes or enhancements, feel free to send us patch files for review. If we find that they're correct and in line with current development efforts, we'll merge them in manually.


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