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Dear team,


I downloaded CDISC define 2.1 package, here(Define-XML v2.1 | CDISC). Within P21 Community 4.0.1, I tried to convert defineV21-SDTM.xml to excel spec, and then convert the excel spec to define.xml 2.1 version again, the format in the converted xml file is incorrect. The comment section for VS.VSORRESU is repeated, could anyone help on this?

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on January 18, 2023

Hello Alex,


This is due to a known issue where the def:CommentOID is being duplicated in the WhereClauseDef. Only corresponding ItemDef should have def:CommentOID.


Our team is currently working on a fix for this issue which should be resolved in a future release of Community. Until then, the only workaround is to manually remove the def:CommentOID located with the WhereClauseDef.


Kind regards,


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