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I am wanting to use my CLI SAS programs in SAS Studio, which I had working successfully on my desktop SAS 9.4.  I am getting the error: "ERROR n.bootstrap.api.iq.filters.OSFilter - Operating system Linux is not allowed".

I am on Microsoft Windows, however my understanding is that SAS Studio (SAS analytics pro running through SAS Viya) is a Linux based software, even when being used on Windows.

I'd love to hear from anyone as to how I can adjust my program to run the x cmd through Windows.  Here's my code:

        java -jar "&p21path/p21-client-1.0.4.jar" ^
        --engine.version="FDA 2010.1" 
        --standard=sdtm ^
        --standard.version=3.3 ^
        --source.sdtm="&basepath/&subfile/SDTM/XPT/SE.xpt" ^
        --cdisc.ct.sdtm.version=2021-12-17 ^
        --meddra.version=24.0 ^



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