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SD1230 warning fired in  ADaM which have some missing values in AVAL and BASE. And AVAL and BASE were described as value level in define.xml.

SD1230 finding was appear as below in ADaM validation report (PMDA 1810.3 / Community Version: 3.1.1).


In Pinnacle 21 blog, "SD1230 wrongly fires when value is null for value-level metadata" was noticed and your team resolved this error.

Please check SD1230 in PMDA validation and let me know SD1230 finding will be resolved. 

Forums: ADaM

on August 19, 2021

Hi Eunkyung, 

Thank you for reporting this bug!

It was actually fixed a year ago. Rule SD1230 works correctly in later versions of engines like FDA 2010.1. There are no rules updates in already published engines like PMDA 1810.3. Therefore, when preparing your submission to PMDA,  you need to report this false-positive messages in Reviewers' Guide and explain them as a known bug in Pinnacle 21 Engine "PMDA 1810.3".

Sorry for inconvenience.

Kind Regards,


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