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We are trying to find out what is the difference between version version 3.0.2 and version 3.1.4 and what does it each that other does not?  Also, is version 3.1.4 the highest version in 3.x version? Can someone please confirm?

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on June 16, 2022


3.0.2 was the last release in the 3.0.x branch. After that, we moved to 3.1.x.  Here are the release notes for each version.  Note that 3.1.2 was the last version in the 3.1.x branch, so I am not sure where you saw a version 3.1.4.  That never existed.


Pinnacle 21 Community version 3.1.0 (released 28-Sep-2020)

- Added support to installer to allow for customized application install location (enhancement)
- Added a 30 day grace period to auto-update to support customized application install location (enhancement)
- Updated the application Preferences to be user specific by storing them in user profiles (enhancement)
- Updated the application Preferences save behavior to improve performance (enhancement)
- Updated the Preferences menu to allow customization of paths for various file types (enhancement)
- Added options to show application and engine changelogs under the Help menu (enhancement)
- Added option to select Source Encoding when validating data for NMPA [Default = UTF-8] (enhancement)
- Fixed an issue that caused the auto-update installation window to be blank (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where pressing Delete inside a drop-down would cause application to crash (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue that could cause up to a 15 minute delay before validation started under certain internet conditions (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where Copy and Paste functions were not working on a Mac (bug fix)

- Updated validation reports generated using FDA engines to only show severity for Rejection rules (enhancement)
- Updated validation report file naming scheme to include seconds and milliseconds (enhancement)
- Added Data Standard details to the Validation Summary sheet in reports when Define-XML is selected as a Standard (enhancement)
- Fixed an issue where Software Version details were not showing up on the Validation Summary sheet in reports (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue that caused a mismatch in counts between the Issue Summary and Details worksheets for rule SD0006 (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue related to rule SD1251 which caused the rule description to be formatted incorrectly (bug fix)

- Added support for MED-RT with parameter --med-rt.version (enhancement)
- Added support for WHODD with parameter --whodrug.version (enhancement)
- Added support for specifying data encoding for NMPA engine with parameter --source.encoding (enhancement)
- Fixed an issue where not all affected records where listed in the Details tab when --report.cuttoff was used (bug fix)

Define.xml Generator
- Added option to select Source Encoding when creating Excel specification from Source Data [Default = LATIN1] (enhancement)
- Fixed an issue where generating an Excel specification from SDTM/ADaM XPT with Engine 1907.1 would cause Error code 56 (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where AP domains were getting the incorrect value for ItemGroupDef/@Domain assigned (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where generating a define.xml from Excel spec would fail with reason: Zip bomb detected! (bug fix)

- Added support for MED-RT
- Added support for WHODD



Pinnacle 21 Community version 3.1.1 (released 18-May-2021)

- Fixed an issue where user is unable to request a new verification code for Pinnacle ID (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where Mac installer would not pass malicious software check (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where sending a bug report on Mac could crash application (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where user can not take any action in Preferences menu under Pinnacle ID when form validation is active (bug fix)

- Updated the validation report to only show Publisher ID on the Rules tab (enhancement)
- Fixed an issue where Source Data files would clear after user selects the same Source Format from the drop-down (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where the list of available Engines changed when switching between online and offline usage (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where QS terminology was not being used in SDTM validations configured with CT earlier then 2015-12-18 (bug fix)
- Fixed an issue where define.xml validations could use the wrong agency config for the 2010.1 engine (bug fix)

- Added a more user-friendly exit code (165-No internet connection) when CLI job requires internet connection and user is offline (enhancement)
- Fixed an issue that caused validation of an ADaM dataset to be skipped when the --source.adam parameter pointed to a folder with only one file (bug fix)

Define.xml Generator
- Fixed an issue that caused error "Failed creating output file" when generating an Excel spec (bug fix)


Pinnacle 21 Community version 3.1.2 (released 11-Jun-2021)

- Updated the version of bundled Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to OpenJDK 1.8.0_292 (enhancement)

d Deepa
on June 21, 2022

Hi Trevor - Thanks for responding.

Could you confirm if there is a 3.2.x version? or after Version 3.1.2 , you moved to P21 version 4? 

What is the difference between last 3.x version and version 4?

on June 22, 2022

Hi Deepa, 

Please see all details in P21 Community Application CHANGELOG.txt in "C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Programs\Pinnacle 21 Community\resources" folder

Or use Help -> Show App Changelog

Please note that this document is applicable only to application functionality.

Changes in validation rules are listed in Engine Changelog you can find in "C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\Pinnacle 21 Community\configs" folder.

Kind Regards,

d Deepa
on June 27, 2022

Hi Sergiy- Thanks for responding earlier.

We have a SAS server that has Microsoft version Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition 64 bit , OS Version: 10.0.14393 N/A Build 14393.

If we install P21 version 4.0 or greater, would there be any issues? Is p21 V4.o or higher compatible with this version of windows? Please confirm.

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