OpenCDISC is now called Pinnacle 21

November 23, 2015

OpenCDISC has begun a rebranding process. The first step in that process, effective immediately, is that our organization will no longer be using the name “OpenCDISC” for any product, service or event.

Going forward, OpenCDISC Community will now be known as Pinnacle 21 Community; and OpenCDISC Enterprise will now be known as Pinnacle 21 Enterprise.

Why? After many years of mutual support and understanding, the CDISC organization has asked us to stop using the name “OpenCDISC.”

What does this mean to you? Ultimately, nothing. The staff at Pinnacle 21 will continue to develop our open source software and make it available to all, free of charge. And we will continue to help and support our users as we always have.

One important change will come with the second step in our rebranding process: namely, the migration of all content to the Pinnacle 21 website. This will require several months to complete. But, upon the relaunch of (slated for Spring 2016), everything you want and need — software downloads, the user forum, validation rules, articles, etc. — will be available at one destination.

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