Pinnacle 21 Wins TOPRA Award for Regulatory Excellence in Innovation

December 1, 2016

On November 2, Pinnacle 21 was the recipient of the 2016 TOPRA Award for Regulatory Excellence in Innovation. We were excited to be nominated and shortlisted among some incredible competition. We are really thrilled to accept the award this year!

VIDEO: Max Kanevsky's acceptance speech

The award recognizes individuals or teams that are enhancing the Regulatory profession in an innovative way. The awards were presented at a gala in London on November 2, 2016. The gala was attended by Regulatory professionals from around the world.

It is such an honor to be recognized in the Regulatory arena. We have been working really hard to deliver data confidence to our customers, both sponsors and regulatory authorities. Pinnacle 21 Enterprise has had a huge impact on sponsor data preparation processes, helping to ensure data quality and compliance before a regulatory submission is presented to a health authority.

Once a data package is submitted, we continue to ensure data confidence for health authorities by supporting their validation and review processes. Ultimately, the same tool being used to manage and quality check the data and to validate and accept the data, saves time and money while maintaining compliance. In any process, handoffs present an opportunity for time lags. By using the same tools across the lifecycle, we have bridged a potential process gap, decreased the time lag, increased efficiency and provided confidence in the process and the data for all involved.

This is a truly innovative approach that was built on years of listening, questioning and collaborating with industry and agency thought leaders. The award is a tribute to the programmers and developers who built Pinnacle 21 Enterprise, the QA team who test create and execute test scenarios, the SMEs who analyze and translate agency and sponsor requirements and the rest of the team who support these efforts.

We are proud of this award and we are committed to continuing to deliver data confidence to our customers.


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