s Suraj


Whenever I try to run the pinnacle cli, I am getting "No internet connection. Internet connection is required for CLI validation." even though I have an internet connection. It was working fine few days back and no changes have been made to the firewall as well.

Not sure how to solve this issue.

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v Vincent
on March 2, 2022

Hi Suraj,

Ours user are also getting the same error as of last Friday. Everything was working fine before Friday. It can't be a firewall issue because we tested with no firewall. This is also only occurring when we call pinnacle within the SAS code. Using the Pinnacle application works fine, no issues. 

Did something change on the pinnacle side?

on March 2, 2022

Hello Suraj and Vincent,

We recently made an internal update on our end to correct this issue. Please attempt to validate again and let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

m Manny
on March 24, 2022

Hi Matt, We have the same problem. Has this problem been solved?
on March 31, 2022

Hi Manny,


This has since been resolved. Can you post the logs you are seeing when you attempt? If you prefer, I suggest emailing us at community@pinnacle21.com. You may include the log files which can be found in Help > Show Log File.


Kind regards,


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