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Dear all,


I encoutered this error when I create and validate a Define using SENDIG 3.1.1 specification. 


Invalid Standard Version value <value> for <standard>Standard Version must have a valid value for the given Standard Name. Allowed values are '3.1.2', '3.1.3', '3.2', or '3.3' for SDTM-IG, '3.0' or '3.1' for SEND-IG, '1.0' for SEND-IG-AR, '1.0', '1.1', or '1.2' for ADaM-IG, and '1.0' for BIMO. Define-XML specification represents Standard Version as def:StandardVersion attribute on MetaDataVersion element.

Note: Refer to the data standards catalog by the relevant Regulatory Agency for acceptance of standards and their versions.


 Why I receive this error?  How could I overcome this?

Thank you!


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j Jozef
on January 26, 2023

It's a bit complicated to explain here, but if you contact me by e-mail (address easy to find), I can explain you how to overcome this problem.

on January 26, 2023

Hi Federico,

The DD0022 rule will be updated to include SENDIG version 3.1.1 in one of next validation engine updates.



f federico
on September 29, 2023

Hi Philipp,


When is it supposed to be released the new FDA engine?


Best regards,


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