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如指导上说,“To make this change, edit the Maximum Memory field to a higher value. For instance, if we wanted to increase the maximum available memory to three gigabytes, we would replace the 1024 with 3072.”,当数据量很大时,我通过Validator生成的sdtm的report里 QS里只读取了部分记录,且没有报错。

请问我如何调整maxinum memory?期待您的回答,谢谢!

j Jozef
on April 28, 2023

Use the -XmxNNNNm parameter  where NNNN is the maximum in MB you want to allow.
For example

java -Xmx3072m ....

See e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11039237/increasing-heap-size

Advice: do not set higher than about 40-50% of your physical memory,

i Iris
on April 28, 2023

Hi Jozef,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. But I just use the Pinnacle 21 Community application and I am confused whether I should set the memory by java. I am not familiar with java. Is there a more simple way?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,


j Jozef
on April 29, 2023

From what I can find in the "changelog.txt" file that comes with the distribution, it looks as they have removed the feature that the user can adapt the memory settings:
"Removed performance settings; the app will now adjust CPU and memory usage based on your machine's available resources". They call it a feature, but I would more consider that a further limitation of how the user can tailor the application.
So, it also looks as the documentation you got about "To make this change, edit the Maximum Memory field to a higher value" is not applicable anymore.
I also couldn't find such a field when one uses the "Help - Preferences" ...
But I may be wrong ...
You can always mail me for more information, my e-mail is easy to find out.
Jozef Aerts

on June 27, 2023

Hi Iris,

Per users’ requests, Pinnacle 21 team implemented an automatic allocation of available memory (~72%) for better performance. So, you do not need to do any manual adjustments.

Kind Regards,

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