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As of version 3.0.2 of P21 Community the validator seems to be broken on Windows 10.

Installation goes smoothly but the validator screen continuously displays a spinning circle with a message stating: "Loading engines and configurations".

I checked with our security team and found no problems with the security system.

If you are installing by internet, please let me know your IP address.

Please confirm attched files.

I feel that I can count on your cooperation in correcting this problem.

Thank you.



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on January 31, 2020

Hi Haegang,

Sorry for that inconvenience! This might be caused by a firewall blocking your Internet connection and preventing you from getting updates.

We are working on a fix to prevent the app from freezing in such cases. 

A typical workaround is to whitelist our app for Internet connection on port 443 or run the app completely offline, then it shouldn't freeze.

There is no certain IP address for whitelisting as the server uses a dynamic range of IP addresses. We are working on consolidation of all app traffic through a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure high download speeds all over the world. That will be available with the next Community update.

IPs being used by CDN are listed on the following page, they are in cloudfront_global_ip_list. This list will need to be whitelisted when the next Community update will be released.





d Dhiren
on March 2, 2020

Hello Team,

We installed Pinnacle+21+Community+Setup+3.0.2 in Windows 2016 but it is not open when we try the open pinnacle please provide the solution for the same.


on March 2, 2020

Hi Dhiran,

Community versions up to 3.0.2 are intended for desktop single-user installation. Using network drives or server multi-user installation can cause issues with updating or configuration, especially if you move folders after the installation. 

We are working on a solution for multi-user custom paths installation, which is a part of our incoming 3.1.0 update.



d David
on March 25, 2020

It's great that 3.1.0 will have the ability for custom paths.  Do you have a rough idea when this update will be released?

on March 25, 2020

We are aiming to release it pretty soon in Q2.

d David
on June 12, 2020

Has there been any progress on custom installation paths as we are nearing the end of Q2?


on June 12, 2020

Hi David,

The update is work in progress and we expect the work to be over soon.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a certain timeline right now.



on March 28, 2022


we use "Pinnacle+21+Community+Setup+3.0.0.exe". We copy this file to Windows10 PC.

There we open as user the exe-file to install.

Since last friday I get, when I open the desktop-Icon:

Exception: {"code":"ERR_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH","level":"error","timestamp":"2022-03-28T08:53:48.218Z"}
Application Version: 3.0.0
Platform: win32
Architecture: x64
Release: 10.0.19042
Free Memory: 29771702272
Total Memory: 33653301248
CPUs: 8
RDP: false
Citrix: false

What can I do?


Regards, Silke Eilers


on March 31, 2022

Hello Silke,


We typically see this error occur during the apps auto-update process and recommend upgrading to v3.1.2 as this has resolved the problem in the past. However, as this occurs during installation of a since dated version, we also recommend in this case to install 3.1.2 from our downloads page: https://www.pinnacle21.com/downloads. Version 3.1.2 as this is the most current version and has many fixes and improvements since 3.0.0. A full breakdown can be viewing in app: To view Release Notes for the application: Open Community and select to Help > Show App Changelog once upgraded.


Kind regards,


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