FAOBJ error message

December 13, 2016

When running Pinnacle Tool I get the unexpected message SD0058  "Variable appears in dataset, but is not in SDTM model" for the FAOBJ variable. The dataset is called FACM, and other checks seem to run as expected for a FA domain. See attachment for extracts from the report. 

FAOBJ is a text variable. I am trying to find the root cause for this error? 

Thanks, Pernilla


Hi Sergiy,

I am running Pinnacle version 2.2.0. SDTM version 3.2

Kind regards, Pernilla


We cannot reproduce your case. Validator works fine.

Could you email you FA dataset (an empty one is OK!) for diagnostics?



sergiy at  opencdisc dot org 

..for your support, I will need to double check what policy we are using for sending even empty datasets. I will come back.

Kind regards, Pernilla

Hi again,

when I now re ran Pinnacle, this error did not occur. I wish I had a good explanation why, but most important that this is resolved. The dataset attributes have not changed in any way, but the data has, so the most likely explanation is that is why.

Thanks for your support, much appreciated,


Hi All,

We ran P21 EnterPrice, and the ERROR message just appear again.

But for SDTMIG3.2, the core of FAOBJ is "Req", so we feel confused for this message. We do have this for FACM, FAPR, and FAAE datasets. Is that the bug in P21E system ? Cause we also ran our datasets on P21C, but it doesn't appear at all.


Patricia Tang