OpenCDISC Validator 1.2 and ADaM Validation

January 24, 2011

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

The OpenCDISC team is pleased to announce the availability of OpenCDISC Validator 1.2.
Download OpenCDISC Validator 1.2 here

What’s New in Version 1.2

The latest release is focused on adding support for ADaM validation. The OpenCDISC ADaM validation rules have been implemented based on the recently published validation checks from the CDISC ADaM team. Now is your chance to test drive your data against these checks. Please post your questions/comments on the ADaM forum. Both OpenCDISC and CDISC ADaM teams are looking forward to your feedback.

For a complete listing of the latest validation rules please refer to OpenCDISC Validation Rules Repository.

In addition, the validation engine has been enhanced to further improve performance and scalability. Most users should experience up to 3x improvement in validation speed at the minimum recommended hardware configuration. Please refer to OpenCDISC Validator Performance and Scalability Guide for further details.

This release also includes 33 other enhancements and bug fixes. Please refer to the changelog for complete listing.

OpenCDISC at Industry Events

OpenCDISC had a chance to participate at a number of recent industry events including PhUSE conference in Berlin, Germany and CDISC Interchange in Baltimore. We had an opportunity to speak with many of you, demo the tool, and answer questions. Here are the highlights and pictures.

OpenCDISC Team - Tim, Max, MikeMax KanevskyRenaissance Harborplace Hotel

If you did not have a chance to meet our team, you can find us at the following upcoming events:

Finally, we would like to thank the community for the continuing support and encouragement. Write to us via the Contact form or share your ideas on our Forum.
Best Regards,
The OpenCDISC Team