OpenCDISC Validator Beta 2 Launched at CDISC Interchange

November 14, 2009

Hey everyone,

We have great news! OpenCDISC Validator Beta 2 has been released and is available for download.

We also had a chance to showcase Validator at the CDISC Interchange, where we've gotten great feedback and tons of encouragement. If you missed it, we have included some highlights and pictures below.

What's New in Beta 2

  • Support for SDTM v3.1.2 datasets
  • New rules and updates for SDTM v3.1.1
  • Enhanced reporting with new Excel summary view and ability
    to control the number of messages reported for each issue

Validation Rules Repository

Looking for a comprehensive listing of validation rules for each CDISC standard? Now it's available with OpenCDISC Validation Rules Repository. We are pooling together the knowledge and resources of the CDISC community to produce a central listing of validation rules for each standard. The Validation Rules Repository is open to the entire community to use, contribute, improve, and develop further. Currently, the rules for the following standards are available:

Rules for Define.xml 1.0, ADaM 1.0, and SEND 3.0 are currently under development. If you wish to assist us with this effort, contact us or contribute by commenting on the rules or suggesting new rules on our forum.

OpenCDISC at CDISC Interchange North America

CDISC Interchange in Baltimore was very good to us. We had an opprotunity to speak with many of you, demo the tool, and answer questions.  Here are the highlights and pictures.

User feedback in a nutshell:

  • Validator is very easy to use and portable
    (lots of surprised looks when shown to run off a USB flash drive)
  • Great coverage of SDTM validation checks
  • Excel reports are well organized and detailed
  • People still can't believe it's free

Our pics from CDISC Interchange 2009

OpenCDISC booth OpenCDISC Demo @ CDISC Interchange 2009 Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Finally, we would like to thank the community for the continuing support and encouragement, it helps us gear up to continue the work. If you are interested in joining the effort, here is how you can contribute.

Best Regards,
The OpenCDISC Team